Adels Story


On 1st January 2014, I promised myself to loose weight and feel healthy. I began following Zee. I started off with only one Zumba class each week due to my bad knee (which just wasn't enough for my heart). At the same time, I decided to get in touch with a nutritional expert. I soon began to understand the difference between good and bad food.

The combination of exercise and eating right made a huge impact in my life. It's been eighteen months since I started off, and since I've lost 4 stones. I've dropped nearly four dress sizes. I feel healthy and beautiful.

Believe it or not, I'm totally in love with Zfitness and the variety of classes Zee offers. I now do three hours Zumba, 1.5 hours Insanity, 1 hour 20/20, and 1.5 hour tonning each week.

Zee is fun and loving and a very hardworking lady. From the choice of music to the choreography, which she must spend, hours putting together are just too good. The environment and family she has created is a reflection of Zee. It's full of fun and loving ladies. If you are a member of Zfitness you should consider yourself blessed. The more I write about this lovely lady and her classes the less it is.