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It is proven for best LONG TERM results you need to mix up your workouts, So that your body is continuously challenged in different ways, and you are working ALL the muscle groups in your body. ZFITNESS MIX OF 6 OF THE WORLDS LEADING FITNESS PROGRAMMES is PURPOSE DRIVEN to ENSURE you SUCCEED


*Please see packages for breakdown of classes included



PILOXING cardio fusion incorporates cutting edge research and fitness techniques to burn maximum calories, build lean muscles, and increase stamina. The PILOXING program uniquely blends the power, speed, and agility of boxing with exhilarating dance moves and targeted sculpting and flexibility of pilates.



Party Yourself Into Shape with me .... Zumba® Incredible Results is in fact a fun, fast and effective at-home workout, but you make it incredible! You're fierce, passionate and ready to party yourself into the best shape of your life. Now, you can also be an incredible inspiration for millions of people in the world ready to change their lives and totally transform their bodies and lifestyles.


o The Huge Calorie Burn- average number of calories burned 817 in an hour!
o Total Body Toning
o It Keeps You Coming Back-Workouts that feel like work are hard to get excited about. But Zumba is so enjoyable you actually want to keep coming back.
o Amazing Results
o It Works For All Ages
o Great Stress Release
o Can Be Adapted For Any Fitness Level
o It Goes By Fast
o It's Social!
o Gives You More Awareness Of Your Body - You'll be sore in places you didn't even know existed.
o Zumba rIt Makes People Happy



Zumba® Toning allows you to take your Zumba® experience to the next level! When it comes to body sculpting, Zumba®Toning raises the bar (or rather, the toning stick). Learn how to use lightweight, maraca-like Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm and tone all the target zones, including arms, abs and thighs. Zumba Toning is the perfect way to sculpt your body naturally while having a total blast.


o Improves your cardio endurance
o Improves your muscle endurance, tone, definition, and strength
o Improves bone density, helps in the prevention of osteoporosis
o Improves joint mobility and range of motion
o Improves posture and stabilization
o Improves coordination and agility
o Improves metabolic function
o Improves neuromuscular function
o Improves motor control
o Decreases body fat
o Increases muscle fibre recruitment



FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT "STEP" Introducing Zumba® Step: All of the Step toning and strengthening for your legs and glutes. All of the Zumba® fitness-party fun you love.


o Zumba Step is great for sculpting the lower body Tagets Glutes, legs and core.
o Significant interval workout,
o One class of Zumba Step can be the equivalent of climbing 4,000 metres!
o Improve balance and coordination.

o Most of all, Zumba Step is fun! Most people find that taking a class doesn't just help their fitness but also their happiness and self-esteem.



Once a month we mix it up bringing back the old school routines, in a non stop cardio blast. ONE hour 30 Routines Work your mind as well as your body!!!!

Upcoming Jams W/C

oAugust 31ST
oSeptember 28th
oOctober 26th


oDecember 7th-December 20th
oMonday Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre 8pm
oWednesdays Jungle Club 6.30pm
oFridays Highfields Centre 5.30pm

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Don't plan on reading a magazine while you do these workouts. You're entering a no-slacking zone

Interval Workout Using Weights

oInterval training is all about challenge and recovery -- over and over -- for a cardioblast.
oThis particular workout I have added dumbbells for an extra challenge. I like to call it the the challenge Sandwich....


o Efficient- Super-efficient HIIT is the ideal workout for a busy schedule
o Burn More Fat-Not only do you burn more calories during a HIIT workout, but the effect of all that intense exertion kicks your body's repair cycle into hyperdrive. That means you burn more fat and calories in the 24 hours after a HIIT workout than you do after, say, a steady-pace run.
o Healthier Heart-Most people aren't used to pushing into the anaerobic zone (that lovely place where you can't breathe and you feel like your heart is trying to jump out of your chest). But in this case, extreme training produces extreme results
o Lose Weight, Not Muscle- HIIT workouts allow dieters to preserve their hard-earned muscles while ensuring most of the weight lost comes from fat stores. Win/win!.
o Increase Metabolism-In addition to increased fat burning and more muscle preserved, HIIT stimulates production of your human growth hormone (HGH) by up to 450 per cent during the 24 hours after you finish your workout. This is great news since HGH is not only responsible for increased caloric burn but also slows down the aging process, making you younger both inside and out!
o Challenging-This is not a workout you can do while reading a magazine or chatting with your friend. Because it's so short, you will be working hard the whole time. You may be in pain, you may be sucking wind, but you Idefinitely won't be bored!



Forget everything you think you know about high-intensity workouts. Because INSANITY turns old-school interval training on its head.

If you've ever been to a Spin class, you know how that works. You motor along at a moderate pace for awhile – then all at once, you kick up your speed and heart rate – just for a minute or so. After that, it's back to a lower gear, giving you plenty of time to catch your breath.

But with INSANITY, you do exactly the opposite. You work flat out in 3 to 5-minute blocks, and take breaks only long enough to gulp some air and get right back to work. It's called Max Interval Training, because it keeps your body training on its head.

Everything you need to get in the best shape of your life, including 5 Max Interval workouts IN ONE:

o PLYOMETRICS for insane legs and glutes
o UPPER BODY RESISTANCE for sculpted arms, shoulders, chest, and back.
o PURE CARDIO for crazy fat burn.
o CARDIO ABS with intensive core work so you can get awesome abs like Shaun T.
o RECOVERY gives your body a break at the end of an insane week.
o MISS MOTIVATOR there to push you to DIG


Exclusive Unlimited Passes giving access to all classes are available in November & June

4 session pass £12
10 session pass £25
12 Insanity Pass £45
To find out more call 07583581897
e-mail info@zfit.co.uk